Right now! Well now its from Last night. . . just never got posted


So today was uber productive on the home front. I finally got the place to a clean that I can feel comfortable with and come Monday morning the organization kick is on!! Clean and organizing are different things people!!

X24’s Computer bit the big one yesterday so we’re slowly patching it back together with digital duck tape which involves my downloading drivers, burning them to CD and then doing the hallway hand off. We’ve got it choreographed quite nicely.

So seeing that I’m in quite the sharey mood right now. . . here is

Stephanie‘s Method For Cleaning a House

1. Get Everything off the floor!! This usually means piling all the clothes on the bed, the yarn, books, or movies on the couch or any other junk that has accumulated anywhere all gets rangled on to one surface.

2. Think of a really neat project idea or shopping item and go write it down to be done later.

3. Make cup of coffee. . . cause cleaning requires caffeine!

4. Put stuff on surface away. Sort clean clothes from dirty, put DVDs back in cases, books on bookshelf etc.

5. Remember cup of coffee is still in kitchen, go get coffee, take a sip. . .if cold microwave.

6. Fill sink up with hot water and 1/3 of dishes on counter.

7. Go back into room you started in and dust, and tidy now uncluttered surfaces.

8. Repeat step 5.

9. Vow to drink the coffee, and sit down in front of the computer

10. Go back to kitchen and get coffee

11. Fill animal food and water bowls

12. Return to first room and vacuum

13. Empty sink of now cold water and refill

14. wash dishes

Repeat pattern till all rooms are clean.

=o) Hope your day is as productive as mine!!!


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