Attack of the Killer Pianos!!


I hope I never get used to the air here. I hope that every day I can step outside, take a deep breath and go. . . Wow!!! I also have hoped that I wouldn’t have to deal with another Calgary winter. . .but alas this will not be the case. Tonight I have the pleasure of leaving my coastal paradise and returning to Calgary. . . for one night.

Previously I have spoken about my battle with stuff. . . well now I am again being shown how the things we own really do own us. My Dad is in the process of moving, to where we’re not sure yet (which is another headache in and of its self) but this means I have one last chance to get anything I want from his house. Before I threw my hands in the air and proclaimed “no more Stuff” from the roof tops. . . I accidentally told my Dad that I would take and be responsible for the piano and antique desk. The two heaviest pieces of furniture that graces any home. . . I mean they even have special movers just for pianos!! Here’s where my head hits the desk. I have shot myself in the foot. Because I “claimed” these items, my Dad didn’t find new homes for them and now with his possession date looming, I have to find a way to either retrieve them or remove them from the house and have them thrown away. The Latter not being an option. I get to drive a piano and a desk 15+ hours from Calgary to the island. Find a home for it in our temporary home and potentially sell it once it’s out here.  X24 of course is coming with me, much to his chagrin.

All of this could have been avoided if I had just had my “say no to stuff” motto 3 months ago, or had at least thought about it over the last month. Learn from my mistakes, PLEASE!! If you are renting a small house for an undetermined length of time. . . don’t claim a piano!!!!


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